Wireless 4 Relay Control 150 Mtrs

Dear All,

This is my first post & first arduino project i am starting.
I ve to make a project with following application requirements:

  1. Wireless control of motors through relays.
    total 4 motors
  2. LCD Display at operating end showing operating condition (optional)

i ve 24v supplies to control motors total 4 motors.
when a 24v supply is on motor starts running & stops when 24v supply switches off.
i ve got total 4 pushbutton switches

i ve made two arduino boards

  1. serialduino ArduinoSeverino (pdf ttached)
  2. & RBBB (pdf attached)

somebody suggested me to use xbee transmitter & receiver
another things i found while googling was:

Kindly help
expecting support from starting.
thanks in advance


RBBB_Instructions_06.pdf (907 KB)