Wireless 433 mHz remote sockets - help intrepreting the signal

Hi there,

I recently bought some wireless 433 mHz remote sockets that I want to use with a cheap 433 mHz transmitter from ebay.

Remote sockets: link (Danish website, linked with google translate to English).

The remote sockets have auto-learning function, so no DIP-switches.

The switches comes without a remote. However, another user on this forum (Opelmand) seemed to be able to read out the signal/code that was required to turn the switches on/off. He posted this video: https://goo.gl/photos/1zyiyumdGo75U1i66

Now, since I am very much a newbie in this field I would like to ask if anybody could help me intrepret the information in the video? Unfortunately it seems like Opelmand is not around so often (I have tried to reach out to him).

Hoping somebody is up for sharing some knowledge!

Best wishes,

You may be able to use the RCSwitch library to control those sockets, with the Arduino and the transmitter.

Hi jremington

Thank you for your reply.

I was actually planning to use exactly that library, but I figure that I would still need to understand the code transmitted from the remote control in order to replicate it when transmitting from the arduino. Is that right?

I think that the video does show how the code is constructed, but I am not sure how to interpret the information from the diagrams shown.

Maybe somebody would be able to help?

Would anybody be able to help me interpret the video?
The video shows the pulses and other information of the signal, but I am unsure how to write it down in text.

Video: https://goo.gl/photos/1zyiyumdGo75U1i66

This blog page describes how to record and interpret RF remote sensor signals.

Hi jremington,

Thank you for the link - interesting reading.

It does, however, not solve my problem.
The waveforms shown in the diagrams on the linked article are very uniform and uniformly repeated, which makes they somewhat easy to read.

The waveforms in the video are very compressed, and they do not (from a newbie point) look uniform. I guess it would have been easier if the video was zoomed more in on the waves, however, as it is not my video I cannot do this.

This is what I think it reads, but I am sure that it is not correct:

Sequence 1 unable to read
Sequence 2 (turn on): 000(long pause)1(pause)0
Sequence 3 (turn off): 0(long pause)00(pause)0(pause)000
Sequence 4 (turn on): 0(pause)00000
Sequence 5 unable to read

I would think that at least seq 2 and 4 would have been equal.

Would you be able to guide me in the right direction?

You need better detail of the waveforms.
All you are seeing is the same data waveform being repeated.
If you are lucky, the switches may use SC2262 encoders which means that RCswitch can decode them, otherwise you are on your own.
You really need a decent CRO for this, but Audacity can be a poor mans substitute.
However, if you dont have the matching remote, the task is impossible.