Wireless addressable LEDs

I have a simple concept and am wondering if there is already a product on the market that does this:

I want the addressing functionality of X10 home automation combined with cheap, wireless dimmers. In other words, I want a bunch of small, cheap (under $10) circuits that I can change the addresses of and control dimming with one RF remote. X10 does not have any "LED dimmer" modules, so I am looking to build something that fills that niche, but it does not have to use the X10 protocol.

This device would take 12V in and PWM an LED/strip with a SSR or similar technology.

My initial thoughts were to attach a microcontroller and RF module like the nordic nRF24L01+ to one of these RGB dimmers. I then thought that I could 1) use a cheaper RF module since it only needs to be one-way and 2) build the dimmer myself so I could consolidate the boards.

I then found the exact product I am thinking of here in that it can be controlled with RF or other wired sensors but it is prohibitively expensive.

Should I build this device or is there already something out there for me?

I would be very surprised if you could build something like this for under $10, especially given the fact you are not buying components in bulk.

If I just cobble something together out of off-the-shelf parts then I will not be able to reach my goal of $10, but if I actually design it and put the Nordic QFN (or cheaper) and ATmega328 OR the ATmega128RFA1 and antenna and dimmer circuit all on the same board then I think I will be able to reach my goal. I don't know how I will solder it but I think conceptually the circuit is simple.