Wireless analyzer?

Hello i was curious on a new project of making a Simple wireless analyzer. I know i can add a esp8266 for 2.4ghz stuff and 433mhz to do the same. But i was wondering if there was any other small cheap modules i can get that won't cost a lot i can do different frequencies with a arduino? Any help would be great because I'm out of idea's.

Edit: Remember them times you use to go around war driving that is basically what I wanted to do but see the different things out there.


Depending on how much you are prepared to spend, how about using a Software Defined Radio (SDR) module ?

Hello UKHeliBob, I do have a SDR. But i tohught it would be cool to do a arduino type SDR i guess you would call it. My Budget is around $20 usd to add on this project.


Is ths a case of you can do differently or cheaply.

Pick one?

Hello Dave-in-nj it's not about doing things differently i don't have much money at the moment i always wanted to do a SDR of some kind in arduino. I thought it be a great project to work on and learn. and now sense I'm laid off of work because of all this human melware I have more time to learn more. So a Arduino SDR for me would be a great project to learn and try.