Wireless Arduino with LCD display


I was hoping to do a bit of prototype development work with an Arduino Fio, 4x20 LCD and XBees and so on. I created another thread about having problems running a Modbus stack at 57.6KBaud and trying to update the LCD at the same time. I have an Uno that won’t run the display stack at 57.6KBaud, so a Fio at 8MHz isn’t going to do it either. The Fio bootloader baud rate is 57.6, which is why I’d like to run at that baud rate.

The bigger problem is the Fio runs at 3.3 volts and the LCD displays I’ve seen run at 5 volts. I’ve actually only found one that has native SPI, and it’s from New Haven and has a 5 volt input requirement. I’m really not interested in making a voltage doubler to get 5 volts.

Based on all that, I’m thinking that a regular 5 volt Arduino, with some other battery chemistry or 6 NiMH AA’s is a better solution. Overkill, at 2300mAh, but probably better.

Am I right to bite the bullet and give up on Lithium?