Wireless Arduino Working!

Hey All,

I created a working example of Wireless communication with PC and Arduino board using bluetooth.

I wrote a tutorial for the Wiring website which should be appearing soon.

If anyone would like a copy of the tutorial please contact me; it details the equipment you will need and how to set it up. its written for wiring [because i made it for their site] but can be easily translated for arduino (just remember the rx / tx pins are different on arduino).

here you will find some images of the setup:

hey sounds great!
why don’t you just post it in the playground wiki
go under the “participate” section and get yourself a user and a pass.
it’s very easy and helpfull

thanks for contributing

sorry - but i registered myself and cant really see where i go to add my tutorial to a wiki or create a new tutorial?

sorry if the wiki is still a bit confusing…I’ll try to work on it in the next days

you can edit every page you want.
you can either choose to put it in the Arduino tutorials section
or make a simple article in the componets+circuit library, you choose, according to the extension of your content.
you choose!

To make it easier for you I’ve created the link to the page
so that you would just need to edit it.

tyou can surf to and modify it by going to the menu
Learning center > Arduino Tutorials > wireless…ecc

if you think that it should be elsewhere please put it wherever you think is more appropriate.

thanks for contributing :slight_smile:
contact me again if you still have problems

ok i have had a decent attempt at this, u may need to have a look to polish up if you think.

please let me know if this is alright. i know i wrote it for wiring but i did not have time to redo a new image for arduino. i put a helpful note up the top so that users know the rx and tx pins are different on arduino. but everything else is almost the same. (u may wish to modify the Wiring code to arduino if you think its necessary.

It looks great! :slight_smile:

I’ve made a couple of small layout editing so that code is easier to identify and also the wiring warning is a bit more visible. check them out!

question: have you checked it working on arduino at all? why don’t you post the code for arduino directly…even if the image is wiring?!
I’ll give an attempt to the tutorial as well and will tell you if all your steps work.

for the moment is fine, but if you’ll ever happen to write the code for Arduino please correct it…

thank you very much for contributing…
you win the golden nica for the first arduiner (besides me and Massimo :slight_smile: ) contributing to the wiki…
hopefully it’s a good example for everybody!

thanks again
and keep up the good work!

yes it works on arduino
sorry i havent had a chance to post up on the wiki the arduino code
but i will soon.