Wireless arduino

Hello! I am trying to come up with a project, and I either want to build a basic land vehicle with a wireless video camera, and I want to TRY to be able to control it using a joystick on my laptop. Or, I want to make a quadcopter with a camera that can be controlled with a joystick. Both I plan on using an Uno R3 board for. Any help, please?

Help with what? Wasn't really any info on what trouble you are having.

Would it work? Can it be done by a beginner? Things like that. I just want to know if I could program and set it up. My dad can help me with the rest.

Well first you should decide what it is you want to do. Land vehicle is a whole lot easier than a quad copter that is for sure.

Second, an Arduino with WiFi module should allow you to control the vehicle from your computer. There are various other ways as well. You will have to write the code to make all this possible.

The wireless camera will have to be a wifi cam or some other wireless solution handled by the PC. The arduino isn't powerful enough to handle the video stream.

I suggest that you first get a remote controlled vehicle of some sort. A 2 channel cheapo will work. Dollars store special if you know what I mean. Work on getting the arduino interfaced with that and your programs running the servo and motor of the car. That would be where I would start.

Depends on how much you're willing to learn and how experienced you are currently. It's certainly possible. It's not the project I would recommend for a beginner but it all depends on your dedication level.

Thanks! I can handle the programming after I understand and use the arduino a little bit. I'm an EXTREME computer nerd. I'll try this. The whole point was, I was going to buy the Spy Gear TRackr. But my dad showed me this. And I decided to try working with it. So I'll try you idea with the cheap RC. Then I go from there. Thank you again.

Yeah. It may not be easy, but once complete, it would be cool to use in a Nerf war or something.

Just break the big complicated project down into a lot of small easy steps and get them working one at a time. That is how I have been tackling my projects as I am very much an amateur with this.