Wireless audio transmitter from Arduino to RPi


I have an idea in mind, but have problem understanding whether it's achievable or not.

What I want: * a small device, that I can plug into 3.5 audio port and USB. It reads audio data and sends wirelessly to RaspberryPi. * It's perfect to use NRF24L01+ transmitter, but I can consider any options. * RaspberryPi will receive data, show equalizer, send audio to speakers etc.

Problem I've encountered: Arduino ADC is slow and is only 8-10 bits. I need a good quality sound, just as if you connect devices with wire. It means 16 bits and 44+ kHz. Well, I'm not audio expert, can be wrong here.

Sending device can be anything: arduino or something ready-to-use, but receiver must be RPi. Range is not so important, 10 meters would be enough.

It will be awesome if I can emulate USB speaker with Arduino (or just AtMega controller), reading digital data and just sending it over NRF24L01, but I failed to find any manuals about that.

I'd be glad to hear any suggestions.

Thanks for reading that! :)

Buy one of those 2.4 GHz audio/ video sender/ receiver pairs.

This is not an Arduino question.

Ah, I tried different approaches, starting with arduino-based one. But looks like the best one - use Bluetooth transceivers for RPi and PC, most laptops and phones already have it. So it's really not an Arduino question anymore, sorry.

Never was, really. :grinning: