wireless audio via headphones

Hi, for a sound art project I want to build a device that works like this:

with an RFID card you start a music track (e.g. from a DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player) via a RFID sensor and this signal should then be audible over a wireless headset without having to press anything else (e.g. to pair/connect it). Is this possible? Can this work with a Bluetooth module (HC-05 )? Has anyone ever tried anything similar? Or can it not work at all? Unfortunately, I have no experience with wireless transmission. I would be very happy about hearing your ideas!

It might be possible if you use Bluetooth 4.0 (HM-10 instead of HC-05), but I'm not sure.

As for the DFPlayer Mini, try using this library instead of the terribly inefficient one that is linked by the manufacturer.