Wireless barcode scanner


So I have been trying to research this. I am unsure if the wireless barcode scanner will work the same as a wired one.

Essentially I am trying to recreate this project (Arduino projects + Bar Code Scanner + USB Shield - YouTube) he has a wired barcode scanner scans the product and the arduino output what the barcode was.

I am unsure if something like this wireless barcode scanner will work ( https://www.amazon.com/TEEMI-Wireless-Automatic-Rechargeable-Handheld/dp/B00KW80RIK/ref=sr_1_3?s=office-electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1487010016&sr=1-3-spons&keywords=barcode%2Bscanner&th=1 )

I was curious if someone would have any insight on weather or not this barcode scanner could plug in through a usb shield for the arduino and still do its job or if I could use a different type of barcode scanner or if I was out of luck and wont be able to use a wireless barcode scanner.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice

most USB barcode scanners just imitate a keyboard, so any scanner should work wired or wireless, you will get a programming guide with the scanner , so you can set the prefix and postfix characters.

if you don't already have a scanner , you could purchase one that has serial out instead of usb , then you would not need the usb shield