Wireless BLE and RF Device

I would like to build a wireless device that uses BLE to communicate control instructions from an Android smartphone to the wireless device. The wireless device will have the ability to be awakened via an RF signal such as generated from an NFC enabled mobile device and then pared via BLE. The device will also have red, blue, green, and amber LED’s (or a single RGB LED), a button, a rechargeable battery (with the initial prototype supporting direct power [such as via USB]), and a Piezoelectric actuator (for audio & vibration effects) or a speaker for now (and of course the previously mentioned RF & BLE elements). Any assistance in recommending the components or development kits (hopefully from a single supplier) that will enable me to create at least a basic prototype would be appreciated.

https://sparkfun.com/ https://adafruit.com/

Start with those two sites and read tutorials, descriptions of products, etc. What you're wanting to do has been done before and should be easily reproducible. I wouldn't be surprised if you find a full-on walkthrough for making it happen, or at least something you can build from.

Good luck!