Wireless/Bluetooth/Wifi Robot

Hi, this is probably a bit of a stupid question but I am new so give me a bit of slack. To have an arduino robot that is Wireless/Bluetooth/Wifi controlled, you would need two Arduinos wouldn't you? One to send a signal as a controller and one on the robot itself to drive it? Thanks Owen

You need 2 devices: A controller, which could be an Arduino, a smart phone or computer. This is what you will use to control the robot. And a receiver, presumeably Arduino with a Bluetooth or WiFi shield, which is part of the robot and will translate the instructions sent from the controller into motor and servo controls.

So I could do it with one Arduino and my computer controlling it? But I would need to get a wireless card fitted to my pc?

Yes, Both ends will need wireless capability with the same technology (i.e. both need Bluetooth).

If you are starting from scratch it might be easier to use 2 Arduino’s with wireless shields. Your controller will have various inputs (button switches etc) and the receiver in the robot will receive instruction wirelessly and control the motors and servos.