wireless buzzer


I am considering a project for my gf.

She is a teacher, and saw a project with 6 wireless buzzers, when pressed the buzzers a light tower indicates with a color scheme what buzzer was pressed first and what buzzer was pressed second.

I want to built something similar (I am not sure if the final project will use Arduino or a simple microcontroller for price saving).

Currently I want to use arduino for prototyping.

Upon investigations I saw this modules 433MHz transmitter-receiver pair: https://www.ebay.com/i/392145706685?chn=ps

That I think it could work for what I want to do, but what I am worried since I am not familiar with RF is:

  1. How to determine what buzzer was pressed first
  2. Since it is likely that 2 or more buzzers will start transmitting withing a short time difference how to deal with the interference that they will make with one another.

I am open to suggestions.

Also if you know of any nice type of push button that I can use for the project I am open to suggestions as I am used to work with pcb mounted push button.

Both 1 and 2 are things you need to figure out before going any farther in your project.



Yes, I know that those two points are the things that I must determine, that is the reason I am looking for advice in this forum, to see if people that are more experienced than men can help me determine.

Regarding the buzzers at the same time I have been thinking of two options:

  1. That each buzzer transmit serial patterns at a different frequencies and the receiver can filter different frequencies.

  2. Using a transceiver in which I can select a different channel for each buzzer and then detect which channel transmision came first.

What approach is more feasible?

Thanks in advance for any advice.