Wireless cameras

I am building a large robot and am looking to have access to 5 wireless cameras on the robot. I was originally going to put a laptop with 5 web cams and a router and view them over LAN with another computer. I wanted to know if there is a cheaper or more efficient alternative. Weight is not an issue.

I wander if you need all 5 channel of video simultaneously, or you gonna select one at a time? Have you considered less quantity of cam using pan and tilt, or even rotation 360? What wireless equipment robot already has for control, radio R/C , wi-fi over e-net or 3G?

The robot is using 60mW Xbee pros. I could get away with using one camera stream at a time but would prefer to have all at once. Even if I could have 2 at once.

Do you need to process the video data on the laptop at all, or just ship it off to some remote area? If not, why not IP cameras to eliminate the laptop?

IP cameras sound like a good idea. where can I get them for cheap?

I don't know any cheap IP cam, IMHO analog cam is more price wise solution, there is a link, switch 3 to 1 : http://www.bevrc.com/-camera-ntsc_c55.html

eBay is probably the cheapest