wireless communication between arduino and relay boards

As the subject suggests, im after a way to wirelessly communicate between my arduino and relay boards.

Im currently running 4 relays off my arduino and is working perfectly, except i want to expand my project the little step further.

I want to have the arduino board in a central location of my house (lounge room or bedroom) but have my relay boards in the switch box.
I know i could use a wifi or power over ethernet system but i currently don't have wifi or even phone lines where i am, is there a way to complete this?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

The relay shield needs inputs to drive it so you would need another arduino to receive the signal from the main arduino and drive the shield.

A radio link would do what you want.


So another arduino to drive the relays and a radio link to communicate between the two arduinos?



Maybe you can get one of these and hack the remote to work with your arduino.