Wireless communication between quad and android. Bluetooth or wifi?


The subject is pretty much all the info. should i use wifi or bluetooth for wireless connection with my quad? I mean which one is the most efficent, strongest, has greatest connection range? And what product. Im having difficulty finding bluetooth modules on this website. The reason is i want to control the quad with android device like a smartphone.

Thank you!

Wifi generally has longer range than Bluetooth, but neither of these two choices is used by the better quads, as the range is not good on either.

The Parrot quad uses Wifi, I don't know of any using Bluetooth, but there probably are some.

In reality, however, the chance of you getting either to work on your phone is very low.

Its easier just to go and buy an existing quad that has the features you want

If this is a technical exercise, its best to start simple and just build a 2 wheeled robot.