Wireless Communication for Unmanned Water Surface Vehicle

Hi All,

I am working on what I call a UWSV (Unmanned water surface vehicle). The thing works using a PixHawk and can run autonomously after using Mission Planner. But I would like to add in live sensing transmission. I was wondering if anyone had any advice. Right now I would like to be able to transmit live camera or sonar feeds using an Arduino (or really any kind of micro controller), and receive the feeds on shore with up to 100m communication distance.

Does anyone have any experience with wireless communications on water? I am just starting this portion of the project and am searching for any good info to start with. Below are some goals I have, and I would really appreciate and advice or documents/books to get more knowledge of the challenges with this project.

What shields or external devices can you pair with the arduino to have:
+100m communication distance
+Large enough bandwidth for low resolution camera and/or sonar
+Enough versatility to be able to add additional sensors to communication line
+Cheap as possible :smiley:



An Arduino does not have the capability to handle video or even decent sized still images.


A very quick Google search brings up this that seems to do what you ask. It is based on the same MCU as the UNO so with the right code skills would maybe be hackable.