wireless communication of Bluetooth module

Hi everyone, i am having the components:Bluetooth module hc-06, Arduino uno r3, battery, resistor,led.... i want to establish a communication wirelessly from my pc to bluetooth module using arduino and by battery. i dont want to use the usb cable for the connection.. basically i want that when my laptop detects hc-06 bluetooth module so by using arduino software i give commands for the led to turn off or on...plz help me from scratch how to do it. which code to use in arduino software and how to make circuit of arduino uno with bluetooth module hc-06, led and battery.

please help me its for my final year project. thankyou

Don't be tempted to use a 9v PP3 battery

You might find the following background notes useful

http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~npyner/Arduino/GUIDE_2BT.pdf http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~npyner/Arduino/BT_2_WAY.ino