Wireless Communication on the Cheap?

So... back on topic :P Any ideas as how to fix my rf link?

Thanks, Dale

oh sorry.. only the usual ideas for RF problems:

  • don't put the antenna pin in the breadboard! This will cause unnescessary "loading" of the antenna.
  • solder a 17 or 23cm antenna directly to antenna pins ( see datasheet, length depends on frequency.)
  • ensure antenna is not touching or near any other metal objects
  • add a ground wire that connects the Barebones and the RX more directly.
  • move the transmitter as far away as possible from the microcontoller: any electronic device with traces and wires will inductively pick upo RF, especially right next to the transmitter.
  • ensure wires are as short as possible
  • mount RX/TX in metal case (shielding)
  • add bypass capcitors across rx/tx pins (.01 and .1UF)


Nice list. I'll work through it tomorrow (no time tonight) and post the results.

Thanks, Dale