Wireless communication with Cheap Thermocam using xbee

I am trying to do the communication between thermocam and pc wirelessly using xbee.

  1. Xbee is connected to pc using usb explorer

  2. xbee is connected to arduino using xbee shield and thermocam is connected to the same arduino board.

I connected the tx of thermocam to rx of xbee shield, and vice versa.

From the pc, using thermocam program, when i click arrows and settings, it seems that xbee that is connected to pc is transfering something (cause, everytime i click, led of xbee blinks).

But when i see the receiver side, it does not do anything. no led blinking, not working.

Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Thank you in advance!

I connected the tx of thermocam to rx of xbee shield, and vice versa.

So, aside from providing power, what is the Arduino doing?

What kind of XBees? Series 1 or series 2/2.5?

How are the XBees configured?

Basically, Arduino is handling 2 servos + 1 thermal sensor.

So it runs 2 servos to move thermal sensor up down, and right and left.

Also arduino reads temperature date from sensor, and send it to pc.

cheap-thermocam.tk ← this is what im using for thermal camera.

I am using Xbee pro series 1. 60mw with 900Mhz. (with wire antenna one)

Xbee is running at 115200 baud rate which is same rate as what thermal cam is running…

and other settings have not changed from factory settings.

and other settings have not changed from factory settings.

So, PAN ID, MY and DL are whatever they left the factory with.

Have you tested that the XBees are able to communicate at all?


When i connect it to gps shield(with em408 module), it works perfectly.

For the thermal camera, it needs to get the command from pc, and send data to pc.

I have no idea how to implement that…

when i connect it to usb (without using xbee), camera works fine.

Maybe i have no idea what the output and input pins for thermal camera…




No need to shout. We may be a bunch of grumpy old men, but we aren't deaf.

I connected the tx of thermocam to rx of xbee shield, and vice versa.

This looks like a problem to me. The camera should be connected to the Arduino. The Arduino should be collecting the data from the camera, using a software serial link, and sending it out the serial port, via the XBEE to the PC (via the other XBee).

Thank you for keep helping.

Since I am new to arduino, so i searched about software serial link.


I read through, and thought include softwareserial.h file,

and define pins for rx and tx.

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#define rxPin 2
#define txPin 3

SoftwareSerial mySerial = SoftwareSerial(rxPin, txPin);

and then chenge all my serial. commands to mySerial.

It does not work still …

And for xbee side, when i click button from camera software, transmitter and receiver side of xbee all blinks which i am assuming both are comminicating without any problem.

I think the only problem is to take out input and output of the thermal camera(via arduino) to connect it to xbee’s rx and tx pin…