Wireless Communication


I would like to create a wireless connection between my Arduino and my pc.

I have been looking at various solutions, from basic FM radio, to WiFi.

Here are the options:

FM Tranciever (Not sure if this is very stable)
Xbee (I’d need two of these and another Arduino)
WiPort or MatchPort (Expensive!)
Blue SMiRF Module (Would need a Bluetooth USB dongle)
TRF24G Transceiver (It’s on the new CoolComponents website) (Don’t know much about this one)

Does anyone have any recconmendations? I don’t have too much experience, so I’d be interrested in the most hastle-free solution.
I also don’t have too much cash for expensive things. I’d be interested in any feedback. I’m sure a lot of other people would be interrested as well.

Thanks, Rob :wink:

How much range do you need? What operating system? Do you have a serial port on the PC? What baud rate?

I have personally used the blueSMIRF module and it is super simple. When you add the cost of the dual XBEE modules and extra parts then the blueSMIRF is very cost competitive.

When you add the cost of the dual XBEE modules and extra parts then the blueSMIRF is very cost competitive.

Yeah, I agree, the Xbee is affordable enough on is own, but then you still need to buy another one for it to communicate with :)

Um, I'm not too pushed when it comes to range, 50m line of sight would be fine. Opperating system Vista and Ubuntu. Baud rate 9600. I don't have a serial port. Just usb and might upgrade to integrated bluetooth if I go that direction.

So you say your BlueSMiRF works well - do you need to do any special programming to get it up and running? or is it just a matter of integrating the hardware?

Thanks for replying ;D

Under windows nothing special had to happen to get it working. Just pair the device with your PC and it will appear as a serial com port. You may have to look at the Device Manager to see where the com port landed. Simply send the data out the serial port and it magically appears at the blueSMIRF.

I'm not sure about the range as I have never tested it. I can get over50' through my house. That includes going through walls and such.

I havn't gotten it to work under Ubuntu yet. That doesn't seem to be the fault of the blueSMIRF. I can't get ANY bluetooth device to work under Ubuntu yet.

Thanks jes1510,

That sounds perfect. I use Windows most of the time, so that'll be grand.(Ubuntu is just for messing arount with)

Cheers 8-).