Wireless communication

Hi, I want to ask what the best one to use in wireless communication. We are going to develop a monitoring system, relative humidity and temperature. But I don’t know what to use to provide wireless communication between an arduino and a pc. We are going to use this to send the measured relative humidity and temperature directly to the pc, and we will provide a graph with these measurements thru matlab. What I searched over the net is the NRF24L01+ Wireless Transceiver, the xbee shield and zigbee, and the RF UART Shield. But I don’t know which to use. We need some good specifications especially the range, more than 3 meters or so. And the speed should be fast for accuracy. I am hoping someone will have their views about this. Thankyou!!

With NRF24 you will need an Arduino connected to the PC to operate one end of the wireless link. AFAIK you can get an XBee unit that plugs directly into a PC. I don't know which would be most economical.

WiFi may be another option. You could use a WiFi shield or the cheaper ESP8266 module.

I suspect Bluetooth may not have sufficient range - but it is probably the cheapest option, especially if the PC already includes Bluetooth.