wireless communication


I am very new to arduino and PLC .
I am trying to make the wireless connection/ communication between Mechanical Dial Comparator with limit contacts 1110 N Millimess and ET200 wireless.

It is for an industry. The existing connection is that the comparator is connected through wires to siemens ET200 which in turn in connected to siemens S71500 through profinet. I want to make the connection between sensor and ET200 wireless.

Is there a way to transmit data through a transmitter from arduino.

Please help me with your suggestions and with additionalcomponents or set up. Also with some useful links.


Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

  • What is ET200 ?
  • What is S71500 ?
  • What would happen if the wireless link failed, would there be a possibility of harm to workers?
  • What is wrong with the current wired links?

Tom.. :slight_smile:

The issue with the existing wired system is that it has a lot of wires which might create accident to workers as the wires tangle since a number of tools are hanged on the conveyer.

I need to make the inductive sensors, and comparators wireless. At present the wires from the inductive sensors and comparators are connected to Siemens ET200 systems which inturn is connected to the plant controller through profinet.

If the link fails, the AGV or the moving rail will stop and thereby the entire assembly since the sensor and comparator are used for quality checks.

I just need to find a solution to link the comparator and sensors to the Siemens controller ET200. I wounder if it is possible through an arduino.

Please help me in this regard. I am new to all these. please excuse if something is wrong.

Yes it is, but I would be using industry based solution, rather than using a hobby based system.

Check with your automation suppliers for solutions.

Tom... :slight_smile:

I would look at a canbus based communication system
do a web search for industrial canbus you will find plenty of links discussing applications and products