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HelloI 'm just trying to see what is the best solution for a upcoming project after the holidays. I did a lot of research online But I'm unsure of which device to pick, Use or Buy. So here is my research to Sum it all up.

I went and looked some for xbee information on range and found there are a few out there but the information i got for range and power is

XBee Pro 60mW onboard Antenna can get 1 Mile XBee Pro 60mW sma antenna Connection can get 1 to 2 Miles about XBee Pro 900 RPSMA can get ranges up to 6 Miles But the cost is out of this roof

The second thing i looked at was 433mhz and 315mhx stuff. The first thing there are all over the place for power and ranges but i was only really looking for long range devices and came across one site from seeedstufio that said it can get 2KM Long Range 433mhz RF So i looked at the site and from what I'm seeing I do not see how it can get a 2km which is 1.2miles range. by the small coil antennas on the devices it looks like the same that i use around my test with a keyfob on them and they only go up to like 30 maybe 40 feet the most. This is the link Here .

The next thing i seen is that the xbee use a 915mhz freq Which i thought that was for Cellphone use and what i found out here in the us it's not it's a ism band which is used for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands. Meaning in hospitals and commercial applications also can be used for other things like arduinos as well as the pi. But anyhow what i did was found some 915mhz stuff that can range from 1000ft to 1700ft thought buildings and outdoors also line of site can be over 3500 feet or more. But still debating If can really use 915mhz freq.

So which bring me to my next thing the NRF24L01+ modules which is have tested them out and got between 500ft to 1700ft range depending on the building i have tested in houses as well as warehouses for storing stuff. Also out door line of sight i got almost 12 city blocks which are pretty long but i didn't tell how far i was because i couldn't see my brother he was that far away and in a building But i have got it tested at 38% with a few packet losses but still mange to get a signal. I'm also surprised it uses a 2.4ghz freq for these NRF24L01+ modules.

The last thing i was looking into was just using wifi modules and shields for this project and i thought a few things good and bad one of them is the ESP8266 wifi module which can be used by its self or with a arduino and i was happy about it. But a few downsides to this module is that the range is low and you will have to be connected to a router to get online to send the data. As well If the internet connector or router went down can broadcast nothing. But one good feat it dose have on this module it can be a standalone module which means it can be its own router and access point to broadcast the information. But a downside to this is that the range is limited to about 30 to 50 ft.

All these devices have a great pros and cons on them. One thing I have to do is worry about Cost wise to range as well as power.. Sense I'm looking for the cheapest one with the longest range no matter if indoors or outdoors and even if one is in door and the other is outdoors. If there is any other device out there that i can use with arduino that will give me the best long range and doesn't cost a arm and a leg Please let me know i would love to find it. Also if any of my information is wrong please let me know Thank you.

The major issue with range is whats in between the Transmitter and Receiver. Most claimed ranges are based on Line of Sight, ie no obstructions of any kind between the Transmitter and Receiver. Once there are obstructions then its pure trial and error, ie you have to test the devices. As a general rule , the frequency matters little if line of sight conditions exist, but lower frequencies will better penetrate obstructions.

Hello Muried thank you for that information. Yes it all depends if line of sight or IF anything is in the way. What would you think be the best wireless device if you had a choice to use one?

Yes it all depends if line of sight or IF anything is in the way. What would you think be the best wireless device if you had a choice to use one?

It seems your budget is a limiting factor if the xbees are too expensive.

Hello Zoomkat you are right for most people including my self Budget is a big thing. But maybe upping the Budget would be great if you want the long range and whatnot. But for Xbee Is more then upping the Budget and Xbee budget it's a Big thing. I would love to here what wireless you think would be good for Budget.

Theres no such thing as the best radio, unless you explain what the radio is going to be used for, and how much obstruction there is between both ends. There are simply too many variables to be able to recommend anything.

As a general rule the higher the radios frequency the poorer its ability to penetrate obstructions. The radio receivers sensitivity figure is important as it determines the minimum signal needed to reliably demodulate the data. The higher the data rate of the radio, the poorer its sensitivity will be.

How reliable does the transmissions have to be? How much data can you afford to lose? Do you need end to end error checking?

Hello mauried you are right. I didn't put that in there. Because i didn't know my self what to use. Honestly I'm just going getting information together to see what i can use. Well cost is a big thing. Range is a big thing no matter if indoors or outdoors. What i been sending is messages back and forth Mostly just test for now for a simple hello world who know's it's a project on my bucket list of things to do down to the 2 projects left on my list. This one is to make a long range cheap enough But i don't know what I'm going to use it for. So right now just Gathering some info on what is available and the specs on it and who knows. After christmas time i will figure out more

As long as you are just gathering information, you may want to investigate potential other signals and noise you may encounter on the frequencies you are investigating. Range doesn’t matter if you are going to be operating near a factory with hundreds of industrial processes using those frequencies, or generating RF noise on those frequencies.


Hello Paul you are right. Noise is on my list of thing to check out and research as well Thank you.

This is my test with modems LoRa ( 10km at 9600 )


Hello sorry i been away working on a project and forgot about this post. Thank you Dataino. The modems Lora what is that? A 6 mile range would be really awesome I know it's line of sight but it might be something to look into? What is a cost of this device as well as antenna?

Only a couple of weeks left into i can figure out what wireless device to get for my long range project.

Hello all I really want to take on a project soon with long range wireless it is been one of my dreams to make. I figure on sense i had a small budget and not much money to what i can use. But I do know there are a lot of wireless devices out there that can work with arduino. So to be fair If price wasn't a problem or skill level which it is for me. What kind of modules would be great for long range? I know there is the Zigbee Xbee wireless modules. But there are many other out there.