Wireless connection between two Arduino board

Hello, I'm trying to build a project where I have several sensors. I'll collect the data from the sensors in an Arduino board. Then in real time send the data collected from all the sensors in first Arduino to another Arduino board placed 10ft apart. The second Arduino board also has the ability to store data. There will be no internet facility. Now based on the description can anybody suggest me what wireless module I should use? Also, a suggestion for data storage is appreciated. It will be better to have some documentation for the system.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards, Rowshon.

Consider the rf24 radios. Here is a good tutorial for the use of those radios.

For data storage, look at SD card modules.

When you say “wireless”, consider ESP8266 boards such as the WeMOS D1 Mini.

One processor to do both data handling and transmission, very neat. You can get a SD card shield for them.

Your question is however, inadequate. You need to specify what the sensors are.

HC12 (Radio) Modules could serve as a solution.

Yeah RF Modules would serve the purpose here. You can select any of these:

You can also work on Bluetooth HC-06, but RF is recommended.