Wireless control of an Arduino via iphone

Not Jailbroken, and no router or other PC involved. That would leave wifi, as serial Bluetooth seems to be out on the iOS.
Can a wifi connection be made directly from the iPhone to a wifi shield, with some kind of simple controls I/O pins?


Option 1 - write your own web server & use the Bonjour library to connect to it:


Option 2 - Use Ciao to do most of the heavy lifting for you:

Good luck!

Ciao looks pretty nice. So it would work with just an adhoc wifi connection? So it could be used outside, say to control an a homemade RC vehicle. I wonder if there's specs on the range of the iPhone's wireless?

...Ciao doesn't work for wifi.

Well that's really disappointing news on Ciao. I'd hoped to use it in a future project...

I think the biggest problem you're going to have with adhoc WiFi and Arduino is it's going to be dependent to the specific chipset / shield you use, since there's no official Arduino WiFi yet. For example the Sparkfun wifly shield (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9954) seems to be popular, but it doesn't look like it supports ad hoc (the library says it's on the "to do" list).

On the plus side, if you're using WiFi outdoors you should get pretty good coverage because there won't be anything obstructing the signal.

I saw your post in another thread regarding the availability of the official Arduino WiFi shield...I doubt this is much comfort to you but there's a lot of us in that same boat....


Won't be doing anything until the new wifi shield comes out. No word on when, yet?

Lots of questions, unfortunately no answers on the wifi shield, the Leonardo, the Due…


that is a tutorial on a method, but you need your computer on as the middleman.

Any news on this? Which wifi shield to use?

Probably not but, in view of its date, you might try questioning the original comment.

I understand that iOS will talk to Bluetooth4. I don't know how long this has been going on and I don't know anything about it. I understand the situation is still nebulous.

as serial Bluetooth seems to be out on the iOS.