Wireless Control of LEDs - General Approach?

I would like to trigger a cascade of LEDs. However, each LED must be turned on / off wirelessly (and are battery powered). Could someone suggest the general approach and hardware I should look at?

From how far do you want to control? Line of sight? IR remote is cheap but line of sight. RF more expensive but not line of sight. Lots of ways but depends on what your needs are.

Be more specific about what you have in mind.

The LEDs will be embedded in translucent spheres which may be rotating and thus line of sight is likely not going to work. Only controlled from a distance of 3 - 5m.

Use inexpensive 434MHz transmitter with a promini or suitable stripped down board that can handle VirtualWire library.
Send out a 1-byte message that is just an "address" from 0 to 255.
On the receive side, if the address matches the state of 8 IO bits, turn on the LED.

434 needs 17cm antenna, can be a piece of 30 guage wirewrap wire.

Thank you!

So on the receiving end I need to make sure the board can handle the VirtualWire library and so I can use Arduino Pro Mini boards.

On the transmitting end I would like to calculate an LED cascade. If the input is LED #1, then I would like the board to send a signal to LED #1, 1000 ms delay, LED #2, 1000 ms delay, LED #3, 1000 ms delay, etc...

Could you recommend hardware for this?

Additional challenge: Is it possible to have multiple cascades triggered simulataneously? (i.e., multithreading)