Wireless Control of many Arduinos from a single Processing Sketch.

Hey there,

I have been working on an art installation in which many individual sets of eyes follow you around a room.

I have so far been experimenting with the Xbox Kinect for tracking and then using the Vsync library to send the position values to an arduino with a 433MHz RF chip which then sends those out using the VirtualWire Library to multiple other arduinos. Each of these would then be attached to a servo to control the eyes that turn to face the person being tracked by the arduino.

I have been beset by problems as the VirtualWire Library uses timer1 as does the default servo library. I have tried to avoid this using the servoTimer2 library but I still have issues which I have been told are because both libraries make heavy use of interrupts.

I have decided that I needed to take a fresh look at things so I was wondering if anyone could suggest another way this might work. The most crucial part of this would be some sort of wireless control of servos from a processing sketch.

Thanks in advance!

Most obvious solution is to use radios that dont need Virtualwire.
HC-12 are commonly used and just need a serial port.
If you dont need long range , then HC-11 can be used.
HC-11 and HC-12 are almost the same except HC-11 has lower power transmitter, and is slightly cheaper than HC-12.
Both are 433 Mhz bidirectional radios.

I will get one of those and have a go, I've also heard that the softwareSerial Library used by those transceivers is also problematic with servos, again because of interrupts?

Would you consider using wifi? esp8266 have pretty good wireless signal coverage and also can be programmed with Arduino IDE.

Also you can create a mesh network.


Also your project sounds very cool, good luck.

I actually had some of those on order so giving them a go today!
Thanks for the library suggestion!