Wireless control of multiple items

So I have a question of whether this can be accomplished, and if so a nudge in the right direction. I am wanting to use something such as a fob like you would have for a car or any multi button remote control, and using this control about 6 halloween props. They will already have power and just essentially need to cross two control wires for a split second to make them perform their function. Thanks for any help in advance.


You can buy wireless remote controls that do just this sort of thing, with a handset similar to a car key fob. I don't know how easy it is to get six channels on a single fob but you can definitely get systems that support multiple channels on a single fob.

You can get RF TX and Rx modules like these from lots of places
Connect up with a promini each, use virtualwire library.
Tx with 6 buttons can send 6 unique messages, each Rf looks for its message and does whatever.

If you want something ready made, there's this