Wireless Control of Potentiometers using nrf24l01

Hi Im really new to this... Here is what I have. I have an existing RC Transmitter (taranis). I have soldered wires in to be able to connect external joysticks (or potentiometers). Playing around with having a joystick in each hand seperate from eachother.

Connecting the external joystick via direct wires is obviously not difficult. What I want now is to make that external joystick wireless using arduino and nrf24l01. Is this even possible?

Do you intend to remove or disconnect the original pots from the Taranis ?

I do not intend to no. But I can center the pots("zeroing" them out) on the taranis. and it has the ability to adjust intended output based on input. Ive accomplished this with pots directly wired to existing taranis pots.

You have not given much information on what you have. Do you have an Arduino board? What Board? Can you read the pots with the board and output the readings to the serial monitor?

Robin2's simple rf24 tutorial is a good place to start. The simple RX and simple TX examples can be easily modified to send and receive joystick data.

I have an arduino uno.

Yes, i am seeing the output reading on the serial monitor using the joystick.

what I want now is to "mirror" the variable voltage from the potentiometer (on transmitter side) to the a variable voltage coming out of arduino (on receiver side) so i can just attach the wires to the existing pots on the transmitter.

Do you have a transmitter and receiver code?

And if so, can you show it please. :slight_smile:

i do not have the transmitter and receiver code yet. Before diving into that i wanted to know if it was even possible to duplicate the output of a pot through the arduino.

I can tell you it's possible to use a joystick (or a pot) with nrf24l01 and an arduino (uno in my case). I have done it one time: I was controling a servo with a joystick, with two nrf24l01 module.

I agree with Winchesters, reading a pot with one Arduino and sending the reading to a second via rf24 radios is really pretty easy. I have done so many times. In fact it can be done by slightly modifying the simple RX and simple TX examples from the tutorial that I linked.

I know that i can send the pot reading from one arduino to another. But can I then send that reading into the pot of the rc transmitter

If you mean transfering data from the receiver to the transmetter, you can.

I have seen a vid where the guy is controlling a servo with a joystick: Tx-joystick Rx-Servo.
And then, have a button on the Rx arduino, and light up a led on the Tx arduino

I don't need a servo controlled. I need the reading to go into athe pots of an already existing and built quadcopter transmitter.

Basically the pot provides an analog variable voltage correct? I need that exact same voltage to come out of the arduino/receiver and into the pots of the quadcopter radio control.

That way I can have a wireless joystick in my hand that communicates with the radio controller that then controls the drone.

There are Arduino compatible boards that have real analog outputs (Digital to Analog Converter or DAC). If the Arduino does not have a DAC, analog voltage can be output by filtering PWM.

Perhaps I'm missing something but wouldn't it make more sense to use the wireless joystick TX/RX to create a PPM signal and just plug that into the trainer socket of the Taranis?

That way you don't have to mess about inside the transmitter and you have a wireless joystick that will work with any transmitter with a standard trainer socket. And it's been done before so there are projects out there with most of the code and so on already available.


Hey Steve thanks for the info. I didn't realize I can tie into the trainer port. I've already tied into the gimbals on the inside of the tranis. I'll do some research on the trainer port also.

steve. ok yes this makes way more sense. however i am not sure how to create a ppm signal get that signal to a 3.5mm jack (with appropriate pin out) so that it can be read on the taranis. I dont suppose you could point me in the right direction could you?

Do you have the specification for the signal ?

how would i find that?

The FrSky website or an RC model forum perhaps

Without it I doubt that you will get far, although you could try reading and interpreting the output yourself

Search "Arduino RC trainer port" and you'll find plenty of information about connecting a joystick to the trainer port. Most of them will be direct wired but it's not difficult to work out what's needed to make that wireless.