Wireless Control of Stepper Motors

Hello, new to Arduino. I'm working on a project where I'd control an electric fan and space heater based on temperatures in the room using Arduino. The fan and heater I'll use are controlled using knobs. I'd like to attach stepper motors to these knobs and control them wirelessly with an Arduino to turn the appliances on/off. I've been doing research, but all the tutorials I've seen require a potentiometer or a web application to manually control the step motors, which kind of cuts out the temperature sensing part. Ideally, I'd use a temperature sensor (such as TMP36) and program the Arduino to wirelessly turn on either the fan or the heater to keep the temperature in the room within a specified range. Is this feasible? Thanks in advance.

Why use stepper motors to turn knobs when the commands are received digitaly and could be used directly to control the fan and the heater? It looks like crossing the river to get water.
Reconsider Your idea and think from a higher level. What is it You want to be done, controlled by what?
Get started and ask for help. Those prestadies done with low knowledge and no system thinking tends to go on forever.

Thanks for the response, I will take that into consideration. However, my original question still stands. Regardless of context, is it feasible to program the Arduino to wirelessly control the stepper motor without having to manually control it. For example, code the Arduino to wirelessly tell the motor "go x amount of steps this direction" and later "go y amount of steps the other direction". I can see many potential applications for this.

Yes, that is doable.

Great! As stated before, all the readings I've done on wirelessly controlling step motors require manual control. Not to be a bother, but could you elaborate on how such a thing might be done?

Get an Arduino, a Wifi receiver and a driver for the fan and the heater and put the old controls on the shelf. That shouldn't be too diificult nor too costly. Then You will save the money for the steppers and their power supply.

I'd like to attach stepper motors to these knobs and control them wirelessly with an Arduino to turn the appliances on/off.

What sort of wireless and what sort of range do you need?
What do you want to use as the wireless transmitter? Do you plan to build your own?

Break this project into two parts - {A} sending messages by wireless and {B} controlling a stepper motor to rotate a knob. Get each of them working separately before you try to combine them.

IMHO servos would be much easier to use than stepper motors because a stepper motor does not have any sense of its own position and you will need a limit switch to enable the Arduino to establish the zero position at startup.