Wireless Control, XBee or RF?

Hey guys-

I'm trying to make a small project with 2 Arduinos, both would be controlled wirelessly.

One arduino would be the "controller" with a simple joystick on it, but would need to transmit the potentiometer values to the second Arduino which would be connected to the receiver and would be controlling 2 motors, using PWM for speed control.

Ideally I would like to use RF or something similar to it, because I have never used it before, and would like to learn it, and because it is SO much cheaper to use. However, I was reading some about it, and a few problems seem to arise with those: 1) Interference out the wazoo. 2) Would they be able to support PWM, very accurately?

Range is not a very big issue, it will all be indoors, within 200 or less feet.

Will I be able to use some RF things, or do I need to buy 2 XBee shields? :(

Will I be able to use some RF things, or do I need to buy 2 XBee shields?

Maybe you can, maybe not. There are a number of "RF things" out there. Some may be useable; some may not.

The joystick can be connected directly to an XBee. No need for Arduino and XBee shield on the joystick end.

Im thinking of using these:



Im thinking of using these:

I've got them. Junk.

Xbee is awfully expensive for what you are trying to do. It absolutely has its uses, but remote control over a range of 200 feet is probably not its best use.

Have a look here:


An FSK (frequency shift keying) module will do the trick nicely. Depending upon hope quickly you need control update this should do. If its a toy car, easy. A plane needs them a little quicker, an ICBM, well, it won't work.

I have seen these already built as Arduino shields, but at the moment my Googling skills are not up to par :-(