wireless control

I am trying to wirelessly send a signal to another Arduino to run a servo. the aim it to create a wireless remote for a light switch. please can anyone help me as I am knew to this.

The first thing for you to do is read the "how to use the forum" stickies. We need to know more info on your setup. Which Arduinos? Which wireless hardware? How is the servo powered? Can you post code that you have written so far?

I am using Arduino uno atm, I am a beginner at this and am doing a major project in University trying to make smart furniture. the aim would be to create a table that can wirelessly control things in the room ie turning on and off the lights, tv and open and close curtains. I have come across bare conductive paint that can be used as a switch so am hoping to use this.

This may be of interest capsense library

Google arduino cap sense for more info.

For wireless, the RF24 modules might be a good choice.