Wireless Controller Suggestions


I'm relatively new to the arduino realm and was wondering if anybody had suggestions on a cheap/easy/effective (or any combination of the 3) method for wireless controlling options with the arduino Uno boards.

I have seen suggestions for the arduino wireless shield, XBee shields, and several different ICs, but haven't seen a lot of reasoning as to why, just a simple "it's the best because it is" type of argument.

Background/Goal Applications: I am looking to start messing with remote control options, with the hopes of eventually getting a full fledged project going, such as a robotic camera moving device (I.E. a go-pro [possibly with a teradek box for full wireless use] on a little chasis built and controlled by me).

I've done enough research to also know of different frequency suggestions. I believe for my uses a 2.4GHz transceiver/receiver pairing are best as I'll be staying on the ground. As I would like to implement camera usage, I'd like something that wouldn't be impeded in high-cellphone-use areas (such as a graduation ceremony).

Suggestions on something that would be somewhat easy to get the hang of but could also be used with more advanced applications would be fantastic, but I'm fully willing to look into a more basic chip to practice before investing more time and money on something advanced.

I am currently a college student, so financially friendly options would be nice. I have 2 arduino uno boards currently and a somewhat large array of random components.

You have not told us what range or power source.


Oh, that's something I hadn't really considered haha.

Preferably something that can make 50-100 feet.

Power source I'm open to suggestions.

nrf24L01 modules
Click Wireless
Note the education discount