wireless controlling a stepper

for my project I need to control a stepper motor wireless.Its a pump, which pump concrete to an extruder of a 3d concrete printer. Im using mega 2560 and have to send wireless E step/dir signal from the board to the stepper which is located in 15 meters. Any ideas?

What Arduino board do you have to receive the wireless signals?

The NRF 2.4GHz trasnceivers should be able to transmit the data.

It seems strange to use a stepper to drive a pump.


I have a spare mega 2560 so i can use it . And I have to use a large stepper to control the rpm of the pump

Do you need any more advice?

Google will find plenty of examples and tutorials for using the NRF24 transceivers.

I have no idea what your level of expertise is. Maybe the Thread stepper motor basics would be useful.
Post links to the datasheets for the stepper motor and for the stepper motor drivers that you propose to use.