Wireless Current Sensor Problem

Hello everyone, I am looking for a current sensor that transfer the data directly by using Wireless connection. I mean, (I dont know if it is possible), there is a circuit and current sensor is going to read the curent value and transfer it by Wireless connection to Arduino. If it is possible which sensor should be used?


Have you searched via the box at the top of the page?

"Wireless current sensor" brought many articles to read first.


As such, it doesn´t exist a "wireless current sensor" device, there are however solutions to implement this.

In case you don´t know, the best DIY approaches are in the following web pages: Openenergymonitor.org (Europe) and SmartEnergyGroups.com (US).

I know the openenergymonitor solution, and they are installing arduino compatible board inside the electrical cabinet, using Voltage and Current sensor, and linking with a RFM69 wireless link (UHF), to a central computer (Raspberry Pi) that post the information to an external server.