Wireless data transmission

Hi all,

I need your valuable guidance for my project. I want to transmit the data wireless from multiple transmitters and receive them from a single receiver. The receiver has to identify the data from each transmitter and process it accordingly. Please suggest me the required hardware and software for this project.


You have given us very little information about your project.

  • What distances are involved?
  • How much data?
  • How often?

Have a look at this Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

The simplest way to know where the data comes from is by including an identifier with the data.


Hi Mr. Robin,

The distance is about 600 meters.

I want to monitor the status of 8 digital inputs from each 5 different transmitters ( 8 * 5 total 40 digital inputs) .

This is a continuous process.

Can you please tell me how to differentiate the data or how to put the identifier? If all transmitter sends the data at the same time is the receiver reads the data correctly?? or is there any option to use different channel for each transmitter and read the data from single receiver for all channel ??

Not possible if the transmissions are continuous.
You would need 5 receivers with each receiver paired with an individual transmitter.
Can you elaborate on how much data is being sent continuously.

This is a continuous process.

In the digital world things are generally not continuous. How many transmission per second will each sender make.

Tell us what the project is all about. It will make it much easier to help.

Unless it is possible to interleave the transmissions between senders you will need multiple receivers operating on different frequencies.

For a 600m range you will need to do some experiments. 2.4GHz transceivers like the nRF24 will not be suitable. You could try HC12 modules. LoRa should work but it achieves its long range by using lower data rates.

I have no personal experience of HC12s or LoRa.