wireless display 16x32 Matrix lcd panel using arduino mega2560( using bluetooth)

what should i use for coding in order for the matrix 16x32 display ? and what should i do it first ?

what should i use for coding

The Arduino IDE is what most people use. Try that, until you have reason to use something else.

and what should i do it first ?

Define some requirements. That will help you decide what hardware you need. Once you know that, the rest is pretty easy.

umm, firstly i need to use my android phone connect the anduino board by using hc-05 bluetooth and display it out on the 16x32 matrix lcd display panel. so whatever i type in the phone that will be the display on the lcd. there will be some soldering and wire wrapper on the proto shield right ? but what about the programming code ? i have read through some but i still cant understand.