Wireless DMX / wireless 12v-14v dimmer?

An upcoming summer theater production at my school is wishing to utilize a movable set piece. Inside this set piece we want to use a couple of cheap low voltage incandescent lights (non-led), something maybe 12-14v. We are wanting to utilize an on board battery, two Arduino Uno's w/a DMX shield and find some way to drive the low voltage lights from our lighting board, wirelessly of course.

Essentially, this would be a DMX dimmer, and wireless transmitter/receiver all in one. One idea was to use two Arduino UNOs and one DMX shield. The one Arduino would take in a DMX signal, the other Arduino would reside inside the prop piece w/ a battery to act as a voltage regulator to control the connected lights.

But how would I wirelessly send the signal over from one Arduino to the other? The first arduino could take in the DMX protocol and then transfer it into a bluetooth signal w/ the appropriate shield or USB dongle that could be then received again by bluetooth by the other arduino and then interpreted to turn on the lights. We don't care about the ability to dim, just on and off. 1 DMX channel would be OK, we don't care about individual control of each dimmer. This can be a 1ch DMX device.

Just exploring here, have tried the DMX shield with my arduino at home, just need to make it wireless somehow.

Thanks -Brian

I would first note that you don't have to replicate the DMX protocol when talking across the arduinos. You can use a data-type or (if you really only need one channel) just send a single value.

So you bring in the DMX signal, store the values of each channel to variables then send the values of each channel through wireless. You could get really simple though and do something like sending a 254 followed by the values of your channels from DMX.

Also, I would make the two independent. Since the DMX values continuously update, and are timing dependent, read the DMX on an interrupt and send out the wireless signals in a loop that could be interrupted.