Wireless EMG sensor

Hey people

I want to make a wireless EMG sensor unit using dry electrodes. I'm fairly new to this and frankly fairly confused.

I was thinking that I could use an arduino with a zigbee shield to transmit using zigbee. However, I do not have very much experience with hardware AT ALL.

I guess I would need a sensor unit? And i'm pretty certain that i'll need to write a classifier, which i'm fine with as its programming.

Does anyone have any advice or could help me with a setup? I've seen there is a premade unit on advancer technologies but it's wired and i'm interested in having a wireless device that would be mounted on the users arm.



Is this feasible? Can anyone offer any advice?

If you do a search on the forum on EMG and EEG sensors, there have been several threads in just the past month.

The same "safety" considerations apply in all cases. It's difficult to advise someone who knows very little about any of this stuff and who wants to hook electrical devices to the human body. Safety-First is the primary consideration.

If I were you, I'd first do a lot of background research on this whole topic using google search, and learn something before proceeding. There are 1000s of such studies. It would also help to know which specific devices you have been looking at.

I guess I would need a sensor unit?

Either that or make shit up.

And i'm pretty certain that i'll need to write a classifier

For? I'd think that depends on which sensor unit you use. How much capability is built into the unit?

Does anyone have any advice

Well, yeah, but you don't want to hear it. Trust me.