Wireless Ethernet connectivity for RasbPi

I was looking for something that can PROVIDE a wireless Ethernet connection for the Rasberry Pi. It has an Ethernet cable, which I hope to connect to the device, which will provide the connectivity through an antenna, because I have a WiFi router, and I don’t want to be having heavy cables all over the place just to connect to the Internet.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Wireless USB Dongle?

Yes as tack specified Wifi USB dongle would solve the problem. But be cautious about the Wireless card used in the dongle.It may not support Raspberry Pi.(I have bought one and I think its a waste of money). Check the list of supported WiFi peripherals in elinux.org.

One more thing prefer the Wifi modules which doesn't drain too much current else you might want to use a powered usb hub for connectin the module.