Wireless guidance ideas needed

Not so long ago i finish my first complex project involving Arduino Duemilenove - a wired remote control for DSLR Cameras that i posted here Digital Photos.

Based on this project i want to use the sensors presented on the link using radio waves from a distance of 1000m (only the central unit will be connected to camera by wire) but i don't know where to start. I've look for similar projects but unfortunately for me i didn't find anything, so here i am asking for yours advices/help to build this device.

Thank you

You want to activate a sound sensor using a wireless link? How will that work? Or the light sensor, for that matter.

It's unclear what is to be up to a kilometer away. The camera? The sensors? The thing to be photographed?

The sensors and central will be at max 1Km away. The sensor will have to transmit the measured value 0-1023 to the central unit. The frequency ... maybe 2.4GHz

That is a long way for a license free wireless link. Your location (country) will determine what is legal to use. Please say where abouts in the world you are.

The new revision of the 2.4 GHz XBee Pro is rated 3.2 km for LOS. I have tested them in a dense jungle and it works up to 500 m without any LOS. For other ISM band, I guess it would be easier to find those with long range depending on your location around the globe. :slight_smile:

I'm from Romania
Here seems that 2.4 GHz is free if the emitter power doesn't exceeds 100mW
I will take a look also at XBee Pro and i wait your suggestions regarding encoder/transmitter/receiver

Maybe you need to draw me a picture, because I still don't see what data you want to send a kilometer to what device for what purpose.

I can't see how a light here triggering a sensor here is going to be useful for making a camera over there take a picture over there.

I can't see how something making noise here is going to be useful for making a camera over there take a picture over there.

here is the example:
I want to take the picture of a bird in the nest. I'll mount the sensor near the nest and it will transmit to the central unit the reading value (sound or light 0-5V [0-1023] basically i need to send some integer values). The central unit is programmed to trigger the camera below or above a preset value, if the value received from the sensor respect the condition it will trigger the camera/flash. When using telephoto lens with long focal distance i think that 1km is a good choice as maximum range for the device.

So the sensor is located near the sound source, and the camera is a kilometer away. Do you really get good pictures from that distance?

Some of the XBee Pro models have quite large ranges, and are easily capable of transmitting the kinds of data you are talking about.

Using the right lens you can get very good pictures, but as i said 1000m will be the max range.

I was thinking at a home made receiver/transmitter, but i will search for the schematic of XBee Pro and check how much will cost me to build it myself

Thank you

Does any one knows where i can find the schematic for XBee Pro?

There is a whole lot more to the XBee than just a radio. There is the whole control protocol that ensures reliable two-way communication that is the reason for using XBees over other transceivers.