Wireless Heart Rate Embedded System (My Graduate Project Need Some Help please)

Hi every one

i Have an idea and want to make it my Graduate project in college so can someone give me some help please

i want to make embedded system consist of to part

first part put on the human body in any location
it contain Heart Rate Sensor and Arduino Board And WiFi Shield

Second Part
It contain Arduino Board And WiFi Zbee Shield And its Connected To Bc Via Any Serial or USB Port

the system record the Heart Rate from Pulse sensor in the first board and then send it Via Zbee WiFi Shield to The Second Board
Then The Second Board Send it To PC work With Windows OS and There is GUI Software to show the Heart Rate data

my question ho to make signal come from heart rate sensor like this sensor

to data to send it via WiFi and when the second arduino board receive it
either show it on screen or send it to PC to show it in software

this is simple Figure

From what i can find - it looks as the detector gives you a digital signal based on incr/decr luminance on the sesning element.
(the schematic tells me : this is China tech.)

and is it possible to make this project

and is it possible to make this project?

Well, sure it is.

Mind you,

first part put on the human body in any location

I hope you do not think the pulse sensor will work "on the human body in any location"?

Paul__B :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i know what you mean?? :grin:

im serous so please if any one have any idea please help me

Including the second Arduino seems to be making your solution harder for no particular benefit. Why don't you connect the sensor directly to the LAN via WiFi and use whatever LAN interface the PC already has to talk to it? This would make it equally easy to connect using a smartphone, tablet etc if you wanted.

I'm serous so please if any one have any idea please help me

I do hope you are not excessively serous - especially externally, as that could be serious. :smiley:

Look, the advice is the same as always - go get the necessary parts - at least the Arduino and the sensor, set up the IDE and practice using the individual parts and available sketches, then figure out how to integrate the necessary functions. It is a piecemeal process.