Wireless HID device

I made a Mouse/Joystick/Keyboard device based on a Pro Micro with a 32u4. It works fine on windows, but I would like to make it wireless. Since it needs to function as a mouse, amongst other things, data has to be passed rather quickly.

I would like to use 2 nRF24 transceivers to pass the data but I do not want to use a full blown Pro Micro on the USB/Computer side as it only needs to pass data received to its USB out, does anyone know of a chip/board/device that has this capability built in?

Would an attiny be fast enough for this purpose (does v-usb even work on attiny?)

Is there a lib that already has the required features?

Unfortunately I could not find any examples on Google either. Any suggestions would be welcome as well.

If you can find a suitable driver on the PC end, you could use an ESP8266 to communicate with the PC's own WiFi.

I had thought about that by simply using an esp32 and going over BT or WIFI but decided against it because I really don't want to write a driver for a WIFI HID and most desktop pcs don't have BT (also pairing is annoying).

My point was that there should be WiFi HID drivers already written.

Probably more likely for Linux.

I was unable to find any drivers. The only implementation of that which I found for windows (not looking at linux) was with the installation of an application to mimic the drivers. This is even less of what I would like. Also I am guessing WiFi may use more power than 2.4GHz? and connecting to wifi takes a second or two, I would like for this to be instantaneous (as instantaneous as it is with commercial mice at least).

This might be helpful: https://www.cypress.com/applications/wireless-hid