Wireless high bit rate sampling (arduino to PC)


I am trying to record EEG signals and send the data from the EEG sensor wirelessly, and in real time, from my arduino nano 33 IOT to my PC.

I think Blynk with Bridge may work, as long as the sample rate is adequate (at least 500 Hz, preferably more.)

Is this sample rate possible with this method? Any pointers or other ways of doing this would be appreciated a great deal.

Thanks in advance.

Well, you should be able to do the math. 500 Hz and a 16 bit integer equals 1,000 bytes per second. Can you configure your system to send 1,000 bytes per second or a bit more?

Why, what is the application ?

That sounds about right. Not sure if it's plausible, there's little documentation on wireless transmission from Arduino

To record EEG for experiments, rather than using expensive openbci circuitry

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