Wireless indoors from floor to floor.

Hello Everyone i been having a small problem Figuring out what type of wireless i can use indoor to go from floor to floor in a home. I been looking into 433mhz modules to xbee system and nrf24l01 modules also 315mhz but wasn’t sure what i can use. There are 2 homes ones my dads and one is mine. my dads is a old house mostly wood and other things so signal should be okay but for mine i live in a high rise apartment mostly concrete and steel I was trying to find a wireless that i can use in both places that can go from room to room in my place as well as room to room and from floor to floor in my dads place. But i wasn’t sure what was the strongest Signal wireless device i can use for this. The most range for the wireless is about 30 ft maybe 35 ft. Can someone Please help me out to figure this out? Thank you.

Couple of things i forgot One is for sleep mode to put the arduino in sleep mode because of power. Sense it will be on battery power this will be a low power project. The other thing is the sensors one of them is a pir sensor it is a off the shelf from radio shack pir sensor. the other one turns on and off a relay board. that is one power on fully but the pir sensor is the one that is only battery powered.

Hello all I'm trying to do is find a wireless that can go from floor to floor Either being in a old home with wood build or a apartment that has a lot of apartment with concrete and plaster But not sure what is the cheapest device or module i can use? can someone please help me out All I'm doing is putting one pir sensor on the transmitter of one floor and 2 leds on the second floor of the receiver that is all.

I tested some inexpensive nRF2401+ transceivers in our home and the transceivers could communicate anywhere within the house as long as there wasn't a large appliance between the modules.

The radios didn't seem to have any problems transmitting between floors.

Hello thank you for the reply i have some nRF2401+ modules i seem to have some problem with them if going from room to room if there is concrete and plaster between the rooms. it loses packets and signal cuts down to 1/4 only thing i can think of is maybe adding a external antenna to it or maybe downgrading the bandwidth size sense it's set at the max So not sure. But i haven't tried it in a house yet going from floor to floor. I also have some 433mhz and 315mhz modules i haven't tried them yet So i was trying to get some info on the best way to see what device would be better. The other thing is using maybe the esp8266 cna connect through wireless. Maybe that be the best i do not know.