Wireless Internet (sim/Satellite) ?! Need Info.


I'm doing a airplane project where i need long range communication not about controls but on board sensor data (live data). I wanna know if there is a internet sim or satellite module where I can work with it and see live data.

About how it's gonna work is my problem what I wanna know if there is Internet modules.


There is the Globalstar GSP-1720 Satellite and Voice Module: http://www.globalstar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=81

:D Thx for info but isn't there cheaper versions like sim internet phone network or something like that?

I'm searching for cheap version for testing purposes at this period of time.

There are lots of choices for the GSM cellular networks. Just look for Arduino GSM Shield. Since you mentioned satellite I thought you needed the extra coverage that only a satellite phone can provide.

Popular inexpensive choices are often based on the SIM900 modules from SIMCom Wireless Solutions. The SIM908 includes GPS as well as GSM/GPRS.


Typically to use one with an Arduino you would get a Shield that plugs right on or a breakout board that provides the support circuits the module need to be easily used.

Thanks for info, I will search about the SIM9**, i was looking about a sattelite internet module because im not sure the company antennas are able to send signal above a high altitude.

I looked about the arduino GSM shiled, i like how it works but i need something with less consumable space.

Do you know any other SIM/Internet modules ?