Wireless joystick advice / help please

Hello, I’m looking to build a new project and am looking for some advice and or help.

I’ve got a device with a wired joystick. It’s a set piece for a stage performance. The joystick has 3 axis. You can turn left and right, move forward and backward, the third movement is rotate. The Joystick is a Penny & Giles JC2000. On the housing that holds the joystick, there’s one button. It’s to enable movement. You have to hold the button in to move the set.

What I’m wanting to do, is try to make it wireless. I just want to duplicate the joystick output. My thought is to have an Arduino in a box with an APC220 wireless unit. Have two joysticks connected to the Arduino. One for forward, back, left, and right. The other joystick for rotate. Plus one button to hold to enable it. The receiving APC220 / Arduino would then output to where the current joystick plugs into in the current controller.

I’m just not sure where to start with this, or what might be the best way. Type of protocol to use, maybe just serial commands.

As stated above, it’s a P&G JC2000-T-XYZ-POPOP-40-HL-R-P-H joystick. Here’s a definition of the options taken from the data sheet.

Link to datasheet: http://www.cw-industrialgroup.com/getattachment/a6bb9db0-f4be-47c9-8e9d-e8931694969f/JC2000_jun07(EN)

Option Definitions:

| T: | Mounting Flange | Top Flange | | - | - | - | | XYZ: | Axes | Three Axis | | POPOP: | Output Ramp | Single Output - Same ramp each axis | | 40: | Output Span | 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc Nominal | | HL: | Handle Style | Short Ergonomic Handle | | R: | Gate / Lever Movement | Round | | P: | Seat | Aligned With Axis | | H: | Lever Spring Force | Heavey Duty |

Hers's a picture of the pinout of the current joystick:


Here's the joysticks I purchased and hope to use: https://www.servocity.com/html/2_function_joystick__thick_sti.html#.VaAqpPmW6ec

Again, any help or advice to point me in the right direction to get started is very much appreciated.

You can turn left and right, move forward and backward, the third movement is rotate.

You can turn what? Replacing the wire is more than just putting a wireless transmitter on each end.