Wireless Knob to Control Servo - Need Help!!

Hello There! Before i start let me say i’m not anything related to programing or electronics, i’m just a curious DIY guy trying to build this device.

So… here is the deal.
i have:

  • 1 arduino uno r3
  • servo motor
  • 100 k? potentiometer
  • 4 channel RC transmitter (that i extracted from this helicopter controller)

This is how transmitter looks like:

  • 4 channel RC receiver (extracted from the helicopter) it had 2 servos and 2 DC motors.

So the objective was to control the position of the servo wirelessly with a potentiometer using the helicopter transmiter and receiver.
As long as i could go, was to plug both servo and pot to the arduino uno and run sketch from the KNOB tutorial in arduino’s site. It worked perfectly.

here it is → http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Knob#.Uw1NvXn1r7M
So then i said… ok… as long as my logic goes, if i plug the transmitter to where the servo is supposed to be in the arduino uno, and i plug the servo to the receiver in one of the two servo plugs spots this should work… right?
So this is how it looks.

Yes… as you expected it didn’t work.

But i believe i wasn’t so wrong since i noticed that the receiver was indeed receiving something from the transmitter.
i deducted this after noticing that the servo would come crazy if the transmitter was turned off, but after i turned it on, it stopped moving like crazy. which clearly means it’s receiving or detecting something from the transmitter.

But anyway… the servo doesn’t obey the pot.
And i think this is due to some programming issue that the basic knob sketch from the tutorial could not deal with.

i saw someone doing this by using two arduinos uno with two xbee shields and xbee transmitter and receiver on top, but i didn’t quite loved this configuration because it’s too big and it doesn’t work for what i need.
This is how it looks.

I can’t see why can’t i do it with just one arduino, RC transmitter and receiver with NO SHIELDS.
if the helicopter controller can just send the signals to the transmitter which goes directly to the motors and it works, ¿why then would i need another arduino?
So i am pretty much lost right now, and i would appreciate very much your comment’s and advice.
^^ anything will help really. just try to not to use too weird terms please, remember i know very little about this stuff.
Thank you very much.

Your pictures are too big to fit on my screen ...

I think you have the wrong idea about the relationship between the servo and the transmitter. The servo is logically at the end of the chain whereas the transmitter is somewhere near the beginning.

I would be very surprised if things are as simple as feeding the servo signal into the transmitter module. I suspect there is also a need to send control codes to get the transmitter in the right "frame of mind".

If its a 2.4GHz radio system the wireless part is probably similar to the 2.4GHz wireless systems you can get for an Arduino. But I don't mean it would be easy to substitute one of them, but it probably could be done. However if you read up about those devices you will get some idea of the complexity.