Wireless led control

I need some help with a system I am trying to create.
What I need:
13 arduinos that all can be in sync wirelessly to control LED lights that are currently on drums.

The code must be codeable so that I can make the drums either change color to tempo or set their own tempo and follow but all the arduinos need to be on the same page with minimal lag between.

My original idea was to have one arduino as a host transmitting the numbers 1-9999 on the eight note beat to 13 other arduinos.

My problem with this is I have to keep the budget low. This project is for a high school drum line.

The original lighting system we used before was just solid colors. The LED strips were outfitted to each drum along with an inferred receiver and a battery pack. Everyone had a controller so you could set your color to what we had planned.

What we want is a program that can be modified for each cadence that will change lights for each part of the cadence, for example: If there is a snare solo, only that light will light up and all the others will dim.

I personally have a decent idea of how arduinos work but have no idea how to wirelessly control all the arduinos.

I am willing to pay for someone to help me write the code and give me a parts list to make this work. Please email me if interested.

-Jacob Munoz